Flowers and vases, they just go together - don't they? 

Just a few years ago if i was fortunate to receive flowers (Mr Smith?) that i would be dashing for a vase, feverishly trying to recreate some kind of exquisite floral display that would inevitably be an epic fail before stuffing the poor blooms in some untidy manor within the vase. Some blooms would then 'go over' which would send the others rapidly following. Half the stems would not reach the water and the whole thing would look, quite frankly... a mess.

I dont confess to being green fingered, the house plants i own live a tentative life. The herbs in my DIY Up-cycled Vintage Herb Planter are currently not looking their best BUT... i just love flowers in our home. I love the option of colour and scent, I love the fact that they last well, i can take out old blooms and change everything around when they need 'refreshing' I love that i can bring blooms in from our garden and 'show them off' Hydrangeas are one of my favourites, the colour variation is amazing, they are so easy to dry out too (tutorial along soon) and maybe most of all I love the fact that i can buy a bunch of £2 Daisy Flowers and split them between planters in a way that will allow me to have maybe half a dozen small bunches, they last well and bring 'life' to a room, even a bathroom.

As lots of crafts do in our home, this started with a Mason Jar & Pinterest. Clicking through Pinterest one afternoon i found an image of a Mason Jar filled with what looked like Wildflowers (i think it was used in a wedding) as i looked at the image and the heavily wilted bunch of flowers jammed into a large glass vase on our mantel and had an epiphany. Out went the wilted old blooms, off came the dead wet stems and i split the remaining blossoms between two Mason Jars which were destined for the recycling bin. They looked so cute. One Jar was small enough to sit on top of our mantel (where is predecessor could only sit in one location at the base due to the size) and the second, slightly larger sat on our console table by the front door welcoming guests.

Now i have a variety of 'vases' but not in the traditional sense. I collect them at Thrift Markets and Upcycle from Mason Jars (Link here for an Upcycled FREE Mason Jar Vase

So... Who says you have to use a 'vase' to house your flowers? 

Not in my house :)

These are a few of the pretties in our home at the moment

Tall Glass
My lovely tall glass is that last one remaining from my wedding (which was five years ago now) we filled the glasses with water, weighed them down with pebbles and our florist filled them with grassy greenery, topped with a floating candle they looked beautiful within our wedding decor. Now i use this glass for my taller floral decor. The glass itself is from Ikea (it didn't cost much, a few pounds maybe) but i LOVE the height it gives. I do use pebbles in the bottom of the glass to distribute the weight accordingly to it doesn't topple over.

Apothecary Bottles
I found these little Apothercary Bottles at a Thrift Sale. I actually purchased them for 'free' along with another item after haggling for a while with the seller. You can read about the up cycle project for these cute little bottles HERE. I have dried out Lavender which sits brilliantly within the narrow necks of the bottles. The vintage look is very cute.

Mason Jars
I have a little issue with Mason Jars, the issue being that i LOVE them and tend to keep too many (much to Mr Smiths un-amusement) I have boxes of little jars stored away little unprompted DIY projects. You can find a tutorial for my Free Flower Vase HERE. Mason Jars are GREAT for offcuts and small bunches of flowers. I larger bunch of flowers can be cut down and spread across as many Mason Jars as you like. I love to do this as every room in our home can have its own bunch of fresh flowers, fresh flowers always bring life to a room.

Home Scent Jar
This Jar is from the Yankee Candle Reed Defuser range. The bottle is Clean Cotton. I couldn't bare to part with it as the design is so pretty. This little pretty now live on the entry console table in our hallway. The small neck allows it to house a few small blooms (or one of these BEAUTIFUL Hydrangeas which we have an abundance of at the moment) When the scent was finished i made sure it had a good wash before using any flowers.

Plant Pot
Who says a plant pit needs to house a 'plant' No, not me... This little plant pot was another Ikea bargain. As I'm a bit of a plant killer rather than a plant keeper it found itself empty. As the pot has a wide brim a large Hydrangea bloom fits perfectly.

Thrift Store Bargain
If I'm honest i don't know what this little vase/pot is for, i spotted them for 50p (for a set of two) like many things in our home they set in a cupboard for a while before i had a specific idea in mind for them. They stand high enough so most blooms will sit nicely without toppling over. I do often use these in our bathrooms for bloom offcuts (when the main bunch has gone over and i have a few stray flowers here and there) I love a Thrifty Bargain :)

I had great intentions when i bought Ramekins and i was convinced i would be using them in our kitchen, in fact.. i have never used them. They do however look GREAT with small off cut blooms, the ones which are left over and too small for taller vases/planters. Great for a small ledge/bathroom etc

Gravy Boat
I found this little gravy boat for the princely sum of 20p at a Thrift Market. Currently it is housed on our kitchen window ledge with the most beautiful blue Hydrangea blooms. The gravy boat ties in with the kitchen, the low height means it allows light through the window, the neutral colour allows for any colour blooms and best of all... it cost 20p. Win Win!



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  1. The colors of your flowers are magnificent! I am so inspired by your blog to go out and create flower projects like these. Love so much if you share these beauties at my party! Many thanks Maria

  2. Stunning! I love displaying flowers like this.. you have done it way prettier that what I do normally. Flowers make me happy.. and if I can display like this, it is will brighten up my rooms.