Early this year i stumbled (literally) across an amazing old mirror at a local thrift sale. It cost me the princely sum of... £2! Yep £2! (about $3.20US)

It was covered in small glass panes and surrounded with a very unloved wooden frame which had been received what looked like a cost of every colour paint out there. It was very sad, very shabby and so coming home with me. I had an issue, unfortunately i could not fit the window in my car, fortunately i was able to have it delivered. Hurray!

I get my window home, it gets a new lease of life - SEE HERE FOR WINDOW UPCYCLE and i LOVE it. I mean i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Its not to everyones taste but *sigh* i love it, did i mention that?

Anyone my beauty of a upcycled window needs some pretty decor and as i have roll of burlap handy, our came the scissors and i whipped up this SUPER easy 'no sew' burlap bunting. 


Paper & Pen
Wonderweb (adhesive iron on webbing)
Access to an iron
*Optional* Pretty Decorations - i used buttons and painted a heart, decor is up to you


> I drew my triangular design out on the paper to form a template
> I then used the template to mark out the triangular shapes on the burlap material
> Cut out the triangles, mine are double sided (so two triangle for each flag)
> Lay out the Jute/Twin on the ironing board so it ran around 1cm from the top of my first burlap triangle.
> Play wonder web around the inside edge of the triangle
> Place a second triangle ontop, covering the one underneath so the jute is trapped in between
> Give it a good iron, this will cause the wonder web to stick together and hold the jute in the middle
> Leaving a space in between then continue this with your additional bunting flags until you have your desired amount. As my window wasn't too wide three was enough
> Decorate how you wish
> Hang and enjoy :)

See, how simple can you get. I'll be making a Christmas version of this beauty of a burlap bunting soon as the holidays are vastly approaching. Stay tuned for that.

Also, did i mention my amazing window, sneak peak? Oh...go on then...

£2!!!! :) i know right

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