Five Friday Favourites [3]

Hi, Happy Friday!!

We've been having an AMAZING heatwave here in the UK, the candles in our conservatory have melted as its been so hot, I even read the temperature this morning and it was 45degrees - windows/doors open, quick!

Now our kitchen is complete (hurrah) we've added a few finishing touches this week, one of which is the DIY - Wall mounted bottle opener, which you can see below.

Fathers day is a big deal here in our home, our girls made their Daddy beautiful Fathers Day cards and i made this SUPER easy wall mounted bottle opener which now lives next to our drinks fridge in the kitchen. It was a much cheaper option than purchasing online, links to venders in the post. I managed to find a seller who sold two of these beautiful rustic iron openers for a fraction of the price of the pre-made openers. Add a little reclaimed wood and voila...

So, Whats been happening here this week?

1. Bench Refurb

2. Patriotic Bench

3. Industrial Pipe Fixtures

4. Wood Plank Headboard

5. Upcycled Sideboard

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