From the day we finally decided to invest in a playhouse for our girls i have been planning (frantically planning!) layouts, design and most of all colour schemes. I think a playhouse is on ever child's 'wish list' and was definitely on mine as child. Even before we had decided on the specific playhouse that we would like i began searching for colour schemes, i knew we would be using Cuprinol paint (check out Cuprinols full range HERE) i have used this before (its brill, so easy to paint with) so it just came down to choosing colours.

I scoured the Internet, mostly Pinterest (you can find my Playhouse Pinterest inspiration board here) and came up with pro's and con's regarding colour choices.



Neutral is a BIG plus for me, i love white (its clean and you can focus on accessories rather than the coloured walls) however, there is one or rather two BIG issues with painting our playhouse all white... these issues come in the form of our beautiful, crayon wielding, snack munching children. I want the playhouse to not only look pretty but also to be functional, the last thing our girls want is for me to be spending days/weeks painting it every year to cover up scuffs and wear and tear marks (and neither do i)
Also, from past experience i know I'll be needing to do more coats using white paint as the playhouse will have no prior coats already.

So far this is looking to be the preferred option, i can paint the inside neutral and opt for a darker shade outside. I get the inside white - win! I don't have to repaint the outside due to wear and tear so much as i would if it was all white - win! I can pick a shade that will stand out less in our garden - win!

I could opt for a darker colour inside the house, however... my neutral obsession (ha!) tells me no. I know, i know ... less painting, less hassle etc BUT I'm struggling with this idea. I don't want the playhouse to look and feel like a glorified shed (effectively what it is) i want our girls to be able to use this for many years to come, for it not to feel like a 'small' space. It needs to be functional for there 'play needs' but be cute and girly too. 

* this post is not endorsed by Cuprinol - I just love their paint :)

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