This is why i LOVE thrifting!

I had 'bought' this box as soon as i spotted it sat on a unit at a thrift sale, it was coming home with us, no questions asked ...and i hadn't even opened the lid! 

Then as i had over my hard earned £3!! (yes £3!) the seller asks if i have seen the dividers inside?


After checking the £3 price tag was correct i scampered off with my purchase before he changed his mind. After a little googling online i found the same photo box at Hoipolloigifts for £24.99!

Printed on the front is 'La Bonne Vie' which translates to 'The Good Life' (perfect) ...but it gets better...

Inside are eleven dividers, the Hoipolloi original contains twelve, one less works just as well though for me though all have metal 'filing style' name plates (it gets better!)

The lid is printed with a cherub (It is worn from use but that just adds character for me, win!) The red print on wood is beautiful.

This beauty has now gained prime location in our lounge. Not only does it look beautiful but it is also a unique and stylish home for our photographs, i can now have roughly 120 within the box so they are housed on 'display' but without having photo albums around.

I love it - one of my favourite Thrifty Finds so far :) Happy Me!

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