Whose doesn't love a little reclaimed wood, right?

I can't tell how you incredibly EASY these were too make...
and yet, i can show you have BRILL they look. We have two small, shallow alcoves on either side of our fireplace (there literally about 3inches in depth) which means we can't put shelves in as the space is too small, we can't put furniture there as the space is too narrow so the long (and short haha) of it...there a pain!

Reclaimed wood is now increasing in popularity and therefore increasing in price. If these were in a store i can't imagine how much they would cost but we made them at a mere fraction. The wood used is actual old scaffold boarding (i know!) you can often get these on websites like free cycle for free (who doesn't love free)

WHAT YOU NEED - This will make TWO
Scaffold Board (ours was 8.5" width)
x4 long screws
x4 wall mounts (for wall hanging)

Additional Items
Varnish (ours is an oak finish)
Rags (for removal of excess varnish)
Wood Glue

A length of 15.5" was cut off the scaffold board, a further length of 5.5" was also cut (this will be the 'shelf') the boards were stained and sanded do the desired weathered effect. The longer section was flipped onto the front and two holes are drilled roughly 3" from the bottom of the board the shorter section of wood was then put on its side and attached to the longer board at a 90 degree angle forming the shelf, use wood glue where required, we used long screws for this (i don't know the length of these, sorry) Attach your wall mounts to the back. Stand back and appreciate :)


At the moment we house a couple of cute candles on the shelves but cute mason jars with fresh wildflowers look beautiful too :)

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